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Welcome to Healthy Living Massage

Centrally located in East Perth, we deliver the highest level of care, we strive to help you feel better all whilst treating you like family. By using many unique hands-on techniques and expert knowledge to determine and treat the cause of your problem, we get you out of pain, improve your posture, prevent injury, keep you maintained and release your stress and tension. EVERY session is very thorough so you can get back to what you love doing sooner.

We help you heal and get healthy

Pain, Stress, anxiety and chronic fatigue can be debilitating and sometimes a reset of our bodies is needed.

Deep tissue massage can be extremely relaxing and beneficial in giving us that ‘recharge’ we are looking for by releasing tension and calming the nervous system, reducing stress, anxiety and pain.

What we treat with Remedial Massage

With massage becoming more of a necessity now for most, there are many different issues and injuries that Healthy Living Massage are able to treat successfully, with some being:

Neck pain/whiplash

Neck pain can be caused by many issues, from poor posture, accidents and whiplash and
can often occur with back tightness and jaw clenching. We take a thorough approach to
treating neck pain as it could be related to many ailments.


Headaches can be debilitating and are often caused by tight muscles, poor posture, stress
and tension within the soft tissues/muscles, jaw tightness is also linked to headaches,
especially migraines.

Upper back pain and tightness

Often caused by tension, injury, stress and anxiety, upper back pain can restrict movement,
cause headaches and even difficulty breathing. Usually, the smaller muscles are the culprit,
so a thorough approached is taken to make sure nothing is missed.

Shin splints

When the muscles and connective tissues around the shin bone restrict it causes tightness
and pain, shin splints can be treated in 1-3 sessions depending on the patient’s pain

Lower back pain

Lower back pain can occur from many things but is often caused be tight hamstrings, glutes
and hips/pelvis and can be related to injuries sustained from exercise.

Shoulder pain/frozen shoulder

The shoulder is a complex structure containing many muscles, ligaments and tendons, many
issues can arise, shoulder issues can occur from poor posture, rounding shoulders, tight
chest muscles and tightness in other surrounding muscles and connective tissues. Other muscle groups should be included as part of this treatment for effective long-term relief.

Tennis/golfers elbow, sprained wrists and tendonitis

Caused by repetitive actions due to tight gripping related to sports, gaming, work-related
injuries, depending on the severity and duration of the issue, more than one treatment is generally required.

Plantar Fasciitis/ Achilles Tendonitis.

We treat these conditions together as they are closely linked and cause problems for each
other, the connective tissue, fascia in the bottom of the foot is strained due to overuse
which also affects the heel and achilles tendon and the muscles in the calves, other parts of
the body are also treated as those who suffer from these conditions often have issues

Sprained Ankles

The ligaments and tendons are damaged when we roll/sprain our ankles, also the Anterior
tibialis muscle is compromised leading to hip, pelvis and lower back pain due to muscle


Sciatic pain is more often caused by compression of the sciatic nerve, pain can occur in the lower back, glute muscles, and down the back of the leg. The sciatic nerve travels through the gluteal muscles and in particular the piriformis, when tight this can compress the sciatic nerve. This treatment is extremely thorough with a particular focus on the tendons. If left untreated the muscles will almost always tighten back up.

Pulled/strained and torn muscles

Often caused by overuse, tightness, lifting incorrectly and or heavy. The muscle fibres
become tight which can create partial or full tears within the muscle fibres, sometimes
these tears will often cause pain but can be overlooked and treated as just a sore muscle,
partial tears that are left untreated can cause several issues within the muscles and supporting muscles leading to compensation.

TMJ (jaw clenching)

Jaw clenching can cause several problems if left untreated. Splints are usually prescribed by
a dentist to protect your teeth but doesn’t stop the clenching. Jaw clenching can be caused
by stress and anxiety with some not even realising that it is happening, common side effects of jaw clenching is, headaches/migraines, upper back and neck pain. It is important that this is not overlooked when presenting with neck and back pain.

Injury Prevention

In my opinion this is very overlooked by other allied health practitioners. It is more than
stretching, foam rolling or doing a warm-up before exercising. Injury prevention is making
sure your bodies systems are functioning at its peak by firing the muscles effectively, so
compensation doesn’t occur, thus reducing muscle, joint, ligament and tendon tightness
and pain which reduces your chances of injury. Spot treating one area of the body won’t
prevent injuries as compensation would have already taken place, a more thorough
approach and regular ongoing maintenance sessions are required to achieve optimal health.

Our Promise To You


We promise to give you a clear explanation (in plain English) before and after your massage
with a clear treatment plan.


We promise all massage treatments are extremely thorough, meaning more than one body part or area will be treated and no stone left unturned.


We promise you the best care in a relaxed environment where you can switch off.


We promise that you will be treated professionally, courteously and with respect.


We promise to be on time.

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See what our existing clients are saying about us


5 review stars

The main things I like about Kyle’s services are as follows:
- His massages aren’t robot
- He listens when you mention an injury you are carrying
- He is willing to think outside the box to resolve your issue in one or a few treatments.
- He communicates when he is experimenting on you with one of his various massage
- His sessions are never rushed!
- He is punctual!
I have been seeing Kyle on and off since 2012.


5 review stars

Kyle has helped me stay fit and healthy for many many years now! He has not only kept me injury free, he has helped me recover from injury and stay in top knick during competition prep and we have brought home the Gold 3x the technique he uses promotes blood flow, healing and increased range kf motion and mobility!
Kyle doesn't just work on athletes but everyday people which helps with the quality of life so I would highly recommend him. Super knowledgeable and experiences and you will find out things you have never known before!


5 review stars

Kyle is a friendly guy who makes you feel comfortable to be at his place in East Perth. The atmosphere in the massage room is tranquil and relaxing. Kyle is an is experienced massure which also offers to teach others in massage. He uses a technique which concentrates on each muscle at a time with smooth firm constant strokes which really
gets rid of general tightness in the muscles. I recommend getting the 1.5hr deep tissue remedial massage to get rid of any tightness in your body, its quite relaxing too. Will
continue to come back.


5 review stars

Simply acknowledge and fully understand the human anatomy structure in his practice.
Professionally exam our body for greater treatments and applying right methods and techniques to release the tensions, re-energise the physical performance and rejuvenate a whole self. Always feeling relaxed during the session, reconnect with inner self after the treatments and rejoice afterwards. Thank you Kyle Southcombe for all your works on my body and mind.


5 review stars

Just want to share what a fantastic remedial massage therapist Kyle is. I’ve had treatments for my lower back and neck/shoulder blades before.
This week I had my first 60 minute experience with Kyle’s Spinal Torsion treatment and this treatment was so different on how my back/neck/head felt when I walked out. My
head felt like it didn’t weigh anything at all. It was a fantastic feeling. So excited I’m going back for 90 min session next week. Also want to share how amazing those USANA supplements are that Kyle recommends. Have been using them for years and I would never go a day without them. The CellSentials Multis, fishoil, Proflavanol natural anti-inflammatory, CoQuinone, Probiotics
- they are my daily regime for wellbeing. Thank you Kyle


5 review stars

Words fail me as to express my gratitude for what l experienced today at Healthy Living Massage. I have LONG suffered with my neck and today Kyle did what they call Spinal Torsion OMG ...yes it hurt ..... but what l am feeling now 6 hrs later was/is worth the discomfort. Thank you Kyle you really are a Miracle worker.

Where you can find us

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4/2 A Goderich St
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Call us on 0416 017 109